Namur, our inspiration

In the beginning, there was Fabian Demarche, dynamic optician and passionate about his profession, who created his optical store in the beautiful city of Namur.

Six years later, in 2007, not satisfied with the models offered to him by his suppliers, he decided to design, by himself, a collection of 6 models that he then had manufactured and called Maïlis Trendy.

“Maïlis”, referring to the first name of his newly born daughter and “Trendy” because the collection always wants to be trendy and colourful.

Fabian first sells them in his own store and to his optician friends, but this is only the start of a great adventure!

The company took a decisive turn in 2010 by undertaking the creation of a real collection containing 45 models in classic materials, acetate and metal, while also dabbling with newer things ilke TR90. It’s a very colourful collection with original and effective models while remaining within a budget available to all. And a little touch: each new model, available in four colours, bears the name of a city in Belgium.

Maïlis Trendy explores volumes, materials and colours to maintain a balance between modernity, sobriety and functionality, while always keeping the consistency which makes it, little by little, a staple of Belgian designer eyewear.

The collection is renewed every three months with the arrival of many new models which are a mixture of creation, know-how, passion with always the desire to fly over the whims of fashion and to marry opposites …

The collection now has over 150 models and hopes to expand even further.

All this to please you!